Free Tools That Make Windows Perform Better


Windows is packed with features, many of them great—and others, just OK. Luckily, there are free alternatives that are more powerful, more efficient, and take only minutes to install. There are 9 built-in features of Windows that are no up to snuff, and the free software you can use to replace them.

Mozilla’s recent decision to change the way it releases future versions of Firefox has meant it needs to follow a similar development pattern to Google Chrome. Chrome currently has three versions of its browser available: Stable, Beta and Dev, and Mozilla is copying this approach.

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The search functionality in Windows 8 is fast and well-integrated with the new Start Screen. Still, the Start Screen search isn’t perfect: It can’t find files that aren’t executables or documents. If you want to search through every file on your system, you have to use the excruciatingly slow File Explorer search. Or, you can use Everything.

New Computer Diagnostic Test for Autism Tracks Movement


Emerging research promotes a new screening method to diagnose autism, which unlike current methods does not rely on subjective criteria.

Researchers from Rutgers University and Indiana University led a series of studies funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Drs. Elizabeth Torres, a computational neuroscientist, and Dimitri Metaxas, a computer scientist, in collaboration with Dr. Jorge V. Jose, a theoretical physicist and computational neuroscientist, developed the new technique that provides an earlier, more objective and accurate diagnosis of autism by factoring in the importance of sensory and motor impairments.

It measures tiny fluctuations in movement and uses a digital real-time map of the subject moving through space and can determine the exact degree to which these patterns of motion differ from more typically developing individuals.

Even in nonverbal children and adults with autism, the method can diagnose autism subtypes, identify gender differences and track individual progress in development and treatment. The method may also be applied to infants.

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New Gmail Inbox Will Auto-Organize Incoming Mail

The Primary category will contain messages from friends and family, as well as any other messages that don’t appear in other tabs. Another tab called Social will automatically contain notifications and messages from social networks sites, like Facebook notifications or Twitter follower alerts. The Promotions group will capture deals, offers and promotions from places like shopping or coupon websites.

Bills, receipts, and confirmation emails will be organized into the Updates group, and messages from online groups, discussion boards and mailing lists will appear in the Forums group.
The inbox organization groups are optional so a user can choose which of the five categories they want to use.

How To Keep Your Computer From Being Hacked



To protect your computer from hackers, it is crucial to select a username for online bank accounts or other sensitive web sites by not using the most obvious choices. In other words, don’t use your name, any version of your name, your pet’s name, or any version of a family member’s name. Instead, use something that you have never used anywhere else online. It is extremely important to turn on two-step authentication whenever possible to protect your accounts.

If you connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi, you need to make sure you have a secure connection. The first step is to password protect your router. Each router is different; so if you don’t know how to do this, read the instructions for doing so online. Again…make sure you have created a good strong password.
The next step is to turn off broadcasting of your network. If you do this,  your Wi-Fi router will not show up in other people’s lists of available connections. Most routers have this feature, which can be accessed through the router’s management software. You can probably download this, if you don’t have it installed. From there, you should turn off the option that says “Enable SSID Broadcast.”

White Hat Computer Hackers At Work


Hackers are not all bad………..many late hours are spent in front of a computer, working on computer programs to find their vulnerabilities. About three dozen young people in the Seattle area are the “white hat” hackers who work for Internet security companies.

With the Seattle area being a high-tech hub, it’s only natural that about 10 such firms or branches of firms exist there.

Cyberattacks are costing corporations and consumers a lot of money. In a six-year span starting in 2005, data breaches in 33 countries, including the U.S., cost the firms involved more than $156 billion, says the nonprofit Digital Forensics Association.

Every second, in various parts of the world, there are 18 cybercrime victims — some 1.6 million a day — says a 2012 Norton by Symantec study.